Software Guide for
Trust & Corporate Services Providers

2024 v2 Cover Page

The latest White Paper, by Paul Every, provides a comprehensive guide to the software systems used by international trust companies and corporate services providers.


Now in a brand-new format, the guide features over 60 core systems, FinTech and RegTech products, used across the industry!


First published in 2021. This version published in June 2024.

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Paul Every

About the author

Paul Every

Paul Every has been advising technology companies and providers of Trust Administration & Corporate Services for over a decade.

During this time, he has developed an extensive knowledge of the technology systems and vendors that support this important and growing area of international financial services.

Paul is based in Jersey, Channel Islands, but has a client base and contacts across many of the world's International Finance Centres.

He setup Solitaire Consulting in 2011 where it has grown to become one of the leading providers of professional services to the trust & corporate sectors. Paul and his team offer digital strategy advice, virtual CxO services, and project and change management.

Paul is a Chartered IT Professional, Chartered Engineer and member of the BCS, Association of Project Managers and Chartered Management Institute.


Many of the vendors and systems included in this guide are known to Solitaire Consulting and have either been implemented, replaced or upgraded by our team over the past decade or so.

The inclusion of a system in this guide does not imply any endorsement or recommendation. Conversely, any system / vendor omitted from the guide will only be because I am not (yet!) aware of its existence and have not come across it before.  If you would like your system included in future versions please let me know.

What Is Included In This White Paper?


Market Leaders

To be in this section the vendors must have a track record of supporting the global market through the provision of fully integrated ERP systems.

They will have strong and stable businesses capable of supporting their systems and continually investing to meet customer and regulatory demands.


Niche Systems

Vendors and systems in this category provide niche areas of functionality required by a Trust and Corporate Services Provider.  Also in this category are fund administration systems and entity management systems.



Vendors in this section are those who aspire to be market leading but either have software that lacks the full capability of the market leaders, or who only serve a limited market.

To be in the Challenger category the vendor has to have the potential to achieve market leading status.



Eco-System Products

This section includes related products that support the Trust and Corporate Services industry. They are either standalone products or capable of integration with one of the core ERP-like systems described in the other sections.